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The NLP Master Practitioner Program

NLP Master Practitioner training builds upon the skills and techniques developed in the NLP Practitioner course.

Alongside refining and consolidating these skills, the NLP Master Practitioner offers advanced techniques and furthers your ability to make generative change for yourself and those you work with. During this course you will explore the core principles that underpin the change process, learn how to make transformation at the deep neuro-logical level of identity and discover the unconscious programs that determine our fundamental ways of being.

NLP mastery applies to all logical levels, for it is a way of:

· Being at home in any environment and context.
· Acting so that you achieve your chosen goals.
· Integrating your skills so that they support you in your endeavours.
· Perceiving yourself, others, and the world, in a manner which enables you to let your natural brilliance shine through.
· Being more truly yourself.
· Being at one with the world.