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The NLP Practitioner Program

It is a life transforming experience of the power and magic of Neuro- Linguistic Programming.

The program is designed to enable participants to fully understand and practice the skills of NLP in their professional and work situations, as well as for their own growth, development and personal achievement.

  • Learn how to set and achieve Compelling goals through the use of well formed outcomes
  • Discover techniques to self-lead, be resourceful and manage yourself better
  • Eliminate limiting self-talk and beliefs and reduce stress levels for a more fulfilling life
  • Generate more options and choice leading to better business decisions and results
  • Build rapport & develop quality relationships to influence, negotiate and resolve conflict easily
  • Increase personal certainty and conviction by uncovering your values and beliefs
  • Recognise the values and beliefs of those you work with to enable better communication and the ability to motivate and inspire them
  • Enhance performance and confidence at meetings and presentations
  • Motivate & empower others
  • Change the unwanted behaviours and habits in yourself and others in positive ways
  • Discover how high achievers attain excellence and how to replicate their success.

While undergoing the Practitioner of NLP, you will not only learn all this and lots more, but you will also learn to harness the power of NLP in your life, whether at work, at home or in external relationships. On successful completion, you will also be ANLP Certified as “The NLP Practitioner”.

What will you learn?

This highly practical and fast-paced five-day programme will offer you the opportunity to discover how NLP can help you utilize simple and powerful strategies and techniques to achieve peak performance. The content will include:

  • The background and history of NLP
  • The Four Pillars of Success – four principles that will bring success in any area of business
  • Communication Excellence – how we create our perspective on the world and how that can help or hinder getting things done
  • Hypnotic language patterns – understanding the power of language in influencing the thoughts and actions of others
  • Understanding the power of effective questioning
  • Goal setting is not enough – how to go beyond simple goal setting
  • Building highly effective relationships by harnessing verbal AND non-verbal communication
  • The Psychology of Leadership – how understanding peoples′ mental processes can help you achieve outstanding results
  • Managing your hot buttons – understanding, managing and controlling your emotional responses and managing those of others
  • Managing and removing conflict in relationships
  • Shifting perspectives – resolving issues through increased perspective
  • Planning in hindsight – a totally new and innovative method for planning
  • Personal action planning – because nothing changes if nothing changes.

In short, you will take away skills that you can immediately put to great use in:

  • Communicating clearly and effectively
  • Building achievement focused relationships
  • Motivating and inspiring individuals and teams
  • Influencing and negotiating
  • Planning and problem solving
  • Presenting, proposing and selling
  • Managing your mind set from day to day



How Does NLP Training Work?

NLP training is a combination of group learning, individual experiential exploration and personal application.

In the Training group, you will see live demonstrations of NLP techniques and be able to ask questions and understand the principles that underpin the techniques.

Then you will work in pairs or small groups to explore the techniques further to find what works in what context.

Finally, you will be able to apply the techniques to your own business and personal life and test out the results for yourself. It is important to have an open mind because sometimes what you think will work doesn’t and what you think can′t possibly work, works easily..

Who should attend?

This is a business-focused programme offering benefits for anybody in a business role.

Past participants who have benefited include:

  • Directors across a range of disciplines
  • Senior Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • HR Professionals
  • Senior Healthcare Professionals
  • Sales professionals