Sushil Maratha

Sushil Maratha

– Your Transformation Coach


Sushil Marath is a Life Coach, Certified Trainer of NLP, and a Master Practitioner of NLP.

Sushil Maratha brings a wealth of experience and real life examples to his Training courses. Helping people unleash their personal and professional potential is his passion, along with ensuring what he teaches is simple and easily applied. He drives himself to be the best at what he does in front of an audience.

Sushil Maratha a Master in Business Administration (MBA), has been working in the Middle East IT industry for the past 25+ years. He is an active Toastmaster and has been part of the Toastmaster community for over 18 years.
Apart from running his company in the Dubai Media City, Sushil does work for the UAE Government and has been an assessor for Dubai – Dubai Quality Award (DQA) & DHDA, Abu Dhabi – SKEA, Sharjah – ShjSEEN Awar

Sushil Maratha has been trained by the NLP Master Trainers Dr. David Lincoln & Ralph Watson.

He is a Master Practitioner of NLP has helped many individuals eliminate their problems of Anxiety, Phobia, Fear, Relationships etc.
Sushil’s passion is to spread the teachings of NLP & use NLP tools & techniques to spread Happiness & Joy.

Sushil Believes that:
“Once we unfold the mysteries of the Human Mind, no problem is big.
We Human beings, with the understanding of the working of the brain, can resolve anything.”